For over four decades, GoStrategic has remained committed to addressing the political-economic values crisis that is shaking the nations. We continue to usher in fresh revelation of the Kingdom of God toward the mission of igniting positive transformation globally.

More than ever, we see the need for principle-based content, bound by the cement of biblical truth, from which leaders may effect change in public policy and community development. Just as the School of Business Leadership (GoBusiness) has for over 25 years equipped Christian business people in the marketplace, and the School of Strategic Living (GoLife) has for over 30 years built up godly leaders in the culture—our new School of Kingdom Citizenship (GoCitizen) will provide catalytic training for engaged citizens called to public service.

Despite modern advances, nations are moving further and further away from justice, harmony, and sustainable economic and personal freedom. The GoCitizen curriculum addresses this widespread societal ignorance through universally applicable Kingdom principles and the imperative for effective strategic leadership, jurisdictional problem solving, and relationally based organizational management. Designed for Christians who carry a deep concern for truth, justice, and sustainability, the GoCitizen courses provide preparatory training to disciple nations, advocate for social change, and promote sustainable prosperity.